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How it works
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AQL Online is a hosted service using encrypted communications to secure your clients data. We take care of all the technicalities leaving you free to concentrate on client work. The system is fully branded with your company logos and colours allowing it to fit seamlessly into existing web sites.

The Basics
  • Question sets are created using the administrator/adviser interface and then made available to your clients via links in your web site, emails and newsletters or by directing clients to the AQL Online login page.
  • On completing a question set clients may be provided with immediate feedback through an analysis and report of their responses, linked to follow up question sets or provided with access to an action planning facility. Alternatively these facilities may be restricted to the administrator/advisers only with client follow up take place by direct meetings.
  • Clients may be linked together so that individual and team /companies results may be used to support consensus building. There are no limits to the number a question sets that may be created and question sets may be made available to either all clients or allocated on an as required bases.
  • Where there are a number of adviser providing professional advice clients may be allocated to specific advisers and advisers may to restricted to viewing results for these clients only.

Getting started

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