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AQL Online is highly configurable. The following are the key features.

Client View Question Sets
  • Self-assessment or Adviser Lead
  • Action planning
  • Results Analysis
  • Configurable options by question set
  • Email alerts and notifications
  • Reports in Words, PDF or Excel format
  • Evidence and note recording
  • Self-registration or adviser registered
  • Multiple result sets
  • Result locking
  • Linked accounts
  • Variable question types
  • Independent scoring ranges
  • Automatic N/A option
  • Bullet option
  • Suggested actions with hyperlinks
  • Linked question sets
  • Active/Not active option
  • Adviser assigned/System assigned option
  • Client view simulation

Adviser View Administration
  • Add and Manage Clients
  • View Reports
  • Manage Reviews (optional)
  • Test facility
  • Personal links
  • Reports in Words, PDF or Excel format
  • Personal Question Sets
  • Add and Manage Advisers
  • System configuration
  • Email set up
  • Report logo
  • Label and page text
  • Page header and footer

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